Mistwalk Points

Area Mistwalk Points
New Darkhaven GeoConnects to: Southern Mountain Range, Forest of Tears, Forgotten Woods, Ashen Forest
New DarkhavenDarkhaven Guard
A Moment in Nature(level restricted, no mistwalk)
Darkhaven Art GalleryLife (Spectrum has only astral point im aware of)
Dragon CultKylara,Belesdan, G'narish, Wyrmling
GalaxyAries, Andromeda, Libra, Gemini
SewerGuardian Naga, Chreffn, Morkoth
Halls of Knowledge(level restricted, no mistwalk)
The WarehouseElven baby, paulie, prestl
Town HallNone
Guildsnone, but part of this geo
Southern Mountain Range GeoConnects to: New Darkhaven, Forest of Tears, Ashen Forest, Desert of Despair, The Mire, Wastelands
Southern Mountain RangeGrinwold
Elemental CanyonFire Ruler, Eddie
Miden'nirJacob, Doom goblin
Mithril Hallmithril cleric, battlerager
Ockwater FensUnknown
Scourge of TimeNone
Seth's FortressNone
TranslyvaniaInitiate vampire
Desert of Despair GeoConnects to: Southern Mountain Range, The Mire, Wastelands
Desert of DespairNomadic man
Blasted LandsFabric
Dwarven CatacombsDarkenbeast, Templar page
Great Eastern Desertmyconoid
The DungeonStinky Guard
Thul Ab'haraFealla, M'aneer, Sabata
The Mire GeoConnects to: Forest of Tears, Southern Mountain Range, Desert of Despair, Wastelands
The Miremosquito
Dragon Towerno mistwalk
Dragon's passFingers, lasselaure
Dylan's Areawhiner
High Tower of SorceryEzmerelda
Machine DreamsNone
Old MarshSlaad, Green Troll
Redferne's ResidenceNaris guard
Wastelands GeoConnects to: Desert of Despair, Southern Mountain Range, The Mire
AuroraAurora guard, Juel
Realm of WorshipNone
Tower of DespairNone
Forest of Tears GeoConnects to: New Darkhaven, Southern Mountain Range, The Mire, Forgotten Woods
Forest of TearsBlack hawk
Abishai's MorgueNone
Along the Forested PathNone
Bartok GroveAppleby, Harvester
Lake of Tich'PygaPaddy
KontaurPanda, Otter
Old ThalosGordon, George
Sesuad'ra RiftUnknown
Shattered Refugetraitor
Tree of Life2.hornet
Ashen Forest GeoConnects to: New Darkhaven, Forgotten Woods, Southern Mountain Range
Ashen ForestShadow demon (aggressive)
King's CastleTheoderic
Land of the Fire Newtsnewt matriarch
Mountains of Desolationleala
Forgotten Woods GeoConnects to: New Darkhaven, Barren Peaks, Ashen Forest, Forest of Tears
Forgotten WoodsRock crab
Green Forestweasel
Keep of Mahn-torBelrak, Weeping willow
La ChuteNone
New OfcolJacklyn, Diana
Pixie ForestWater pixie
Shadow GroveMagistrate
Raven TorAruncus
Tower of ZenothirJuneo, Pavle
Tullfuhrzky ManorCollie (upstairs) Cockroach (downstairs)
Barren Peaks GeoConnects to: Northern Plains, Forgotten Woods
Barren Peaks of TahjilieraPikeman
Barrik's KeepTorlynn
Drow CityMatron Mother
Kingdom of JuarganJuargan
Morgul ValeEasterling
Revelation CityCity Thief
Northern Plains GeoConnects to: Barren Peaks
Northern PlainsEltor
Crystalmir LakeWhite Stag
Dunhil DemesnesBrownie
Temple of the MoonNone
Unholy GroundsPreacher
Valley of the ElvesOctavius
Otherland geoIsolated Geo
Cursed LandsRaider
Sea of SorrowsNone
Wild TundraUnknown
Azure Sea GeoIsolated Geo
Azure SeaNone
Abattoir AsylumNone
Antall, the Lost HarborNone
Coral DepthsJerimiah
Ocean KeepLingon (mainland), Crewman (Valk ship), Navigator (other ship)
Octopus GardenNone
Village of EdoKosuke
Blood Sea GeoIsolated Geo
The Blood SeaNone
Knights of the RoundCadbury
ShadowportGrak, Boatmaster
Tower of EnlightenmentHanged
AirIsolated Geo
Astral PlaneMessenger